Speakers 2023

Meet Our First Speakers

To inspire and to be inspired.

Discover our talented and captivating speakers who are as passionate about the Tomatis® Method as they are about client care and results.

Dr. Joanna Ratynska

Ear, Nose & Throat specialist and Tomatis® consultant L4 and Trainer – Poland

Joanna will present the results of a 5-year research study on the Tomatis® Method in patients with central auditory processing disorder conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Warsaw.

Dr. Sanjay Subbaiah

Ear, Nose & Throat specialist with expertise in treating voice and swallowing, Tomatis® Consultant L3 – India

Sanjay will discuss the latest research in the field of auditory processing and present the results of a study on voice disorders.

Dr. Sharmila Quenim Herr

Speech & Language Pathologist and Tomatis® Consultant L4 – USA

Sharmila will present the findings of her PhD thesis on auditory processing disorder and discuss a research model that can be duplicated to prove the efficiency of the Tomatis® Method on a larger scale.

Françoise Nicoloff

Director of Australian Tomatis® Method, Tomatis® Consultant L4 and Trainer – Australia

Françoise is a registered psychologist with 40+ years of experience. With expertise in auditory processing and sensory disorder, she will talk to us about “Can APD co-exist with hearing loss? A case study about an adult.”

Maude Leroux

Occupational Therapist, Tomatis® Consultant L4 and Trainer – USA

During her presentation, Maude will talk about  Interoception and Bone Conduction. Specifically, she will discuss the current scientific understanding of Interoception, neuro-anatomy, and Dr. S. Porges’ poly-vagal theory &  share insights that Dr. Tomatis’ exhibited in the bone conduction component of the Tomatis® program.

Maria Moell Lundqvist

Tomatis® Consultant L4 & Trainer – New Zealand

Maria shares how NZ schools use the Tomatis® Method. She discusses the key metric she uses and why, how the programme is delivered, and the results obtained in – The Tomatis® Advantage: Boosting Academic Skills and Measuring Results in Schools

Aline Jalliet

Voice Trainer, Consultant & Mentor – France

Introducing New Recordings for Enhanced Audio Vocal Work in Children and Adults. Elevate your audio vocal practice with these latest recordings designed to optimize results for individuals of all ages.

Hilde Tinkl & Barbara Thima

Tomatis® L4 Consultants and Trainers – Austria

The importance of the professional as a person in the Tomatis® Method : What influence does our professional experience have on the work with the Tomatis® Method? How important is it to perceive one’s own limitations to do good work? What is the role of exchange with Tomatis® colleagues from other fields?

Thierry Gaujarengues

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Tomatis® Developpment SA – Luxembourg

In sync with our theme – ‘A dream come true’, Thierry will share his vision of a positive revolution to improve the practice and efficiency of Tomatis® professionals.

Jean-Pierre Granier

Cognitive Psychologist and Tomatis® Consultant L4 and Training Director at TDSA – France

Jean-Pierre will introduce a new approach to analyze the Listening Test to enhance understanding of clients’ listening profiles.

Valérie Gas

Clinical Psychologist, Tomatis® Consultant & International Trainer – France

Join valerie in discovering the new TED platform, its new questionnaires for children and adults, both based on the 3 zones, its new features and its results dashboard.

Guillaume Peter

Chief Marketing Officer at Tomatis® Développement SA – Luxembourg

Guillaume will present the Marketing Toolbox, a comprehensive solution for building and developing your practice (business).

Charlotte Davies

Educational consultant & Tomatis® L4 Consultant – United Kingdom

Presenting Mind and Body Mastery – A cognitive fitness training box to help practitioners and consultants in supporting their daily practice.

Karina Jamkosián

Speech & Language Pathologist, Tomatis® Practitioner – Spain

Discover hundreds of exercises that can be done with Forbrain® in a center that will enhance your Tomatis® practice in her session : Forbrain® and the Tomatis® Method


Caroline Hammett

Project Head, Tomatis® Developpment SA – France

Launching the new and redesigned Tomatis® Academy, a state-of-the-art learning and sharing platform created exclusively for you to make your journey as a practitioner easier.